Planning consent for Charles could open the floodgates

Permission for Prince Charles’ solar panels will see owners of listed properties rushing to apply for double glazing

I am possibly being a little unfair on him and who am I to criticise the heir to the throne, but if a long lost aunt left you or I a tasty little listednumber in London SW1 the chances of us getting the green light to do something like this would be nil.

I am afraid one is left with the distinct impression that Prince Charles is able to do this because of who he is. Although this is from the man who last year used the royal train 13 times at a cost of £26,000 a pop rather than joining the scrum at Waterloo like the rest of us.

It could be argued that he should be given at least some credit for applying for permission in the first place because Britain’s other royal family – Posh and Becks – have been caught out a few times doing things to Beckingham Palace which they shouldn’t.

The UK’s favourite mime artist Cheryl Cole and roving ex-partner Ashley applied last year for permission to build an underground swimming pool and gym beneath their substantial Surrey mansion.

One of their justifications was that they didn’t want their intimate moments to be seen by photographers from the air but the local planning authority turned them down.

Shame Ashley wasn’t found out earlier because it would have saved them the application fee.