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Northern Rock promises to bring back £99 mortgage fee

Northern Rock last week pledged that its £99 mortgage application fee offer would be back despite having to pull it last Monday.

The lender originally announced on August Friday 20 that it was re-ducing its application fee for resi-dential purchase and buy-to-let mortgages from £250 to £99.

But it says that due to an internal system error over the weekend the reduction had to be withdrawn.

However, on Monday August 23 some of its external suppliers’ sys-tems continued to display the appli-cation fee at £99.

As a result Northern Rock says it will honour applications received on that day, after which date it will return to the £250 fee.

Sources at Northern Rock say the £99 fee should be back in days, rather than weeks.

A spokesman for Northern Rock says: “We are working to implement the fee reduction as quickly as possible and regret any inconve-nience to customers.”

But some brokers were outraged by the glitch.

Ray Boulger, senior technical manager at John Charcol, says: “Someone’s head should roll after this incompetent change of fees. I don’t know what the technical prob-lem can be but it’s poor stuff.”



Moneyfacts article on margins was silly and misleading

The article in which Moneyfacts says the margin between mortgage rates and the cost of funding to lenders through the swap rate market stands at an all-time high is silly. Even a basic grasp of economics teaches us that when demand outstrips supply then prices increase. At the moment demand for loans is greater than […]


Guidance is needed not scaremongering

I am sure I was not alone in being shocked by headlines in The Sunday Telegraph recently suggesting interest rates could hit 8% in two years. In much smaller print it was pointed out that this was radical new research and could only happen if a number of key factors were to collide. They were […]

Lenders need to do the right thing and help the economy

There has been much press recently over the massive margins lenders are enjoying and how banks are not lending in the way that they tell us they are. Quelle surprise. I think it’s time banks gave us something back in the same way that we were there for them in their time of need. As […]

Kevin Duffy

Brokers’ petition on dual pricing gets brush-off from government

Brokers were last week pleased that their voice had at least been heard despite the government rejecting their petition calling for a ban on dual pricing. The petition was signed by 2,046 brokers and had been submitted two months ago by Ronnie B Financial. In its response the government says pricing, terms and conditions of […]


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