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Economists make left-field forecasts just for exposure

Regarding the story that Andrew Lilico of Policy Exchange believes Britain is heading for a double dip recession and 10% inflation – this is just one person’s point of view and although he may be respected in the field of economics he is in the minority with respect to his prediction.

I sometimes get the feeling that some economists come out with left field predictions simply to gain exposure.

His comments that the majority of the population is not taking advantage of paying down debt shows his lack of understanding of how the economy is impacting on everyday life and people’s pockets.

The main reason is that with the fragile economy we could not sustain high interest rates in the short term.

Dan McGeehan


Demand for mortgages likely to fall as BBA points to a lacklustre July

Gross mortgage lending at banks was £8.4bn in July, slightly below the previous six-month average of £8.6bn, the British Bankers’ Asso-ciation reports. Net mortgage lending by high street banks increased by £2bn in July compared with hikes of £2.1bn in June and £2.2bn in July 2009. Annual growth in banks’ mort-gage lending was 4.1%- 0.9% […]


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Guidance is needed not scaremongering

I am sure I was not alone in being shocked by headlines in The Sunday Telegraph recently suggesting interest rates could hit 8% in two years. In much smaller print it was pointed out that this was radical new research and could only happen if a number of key factors were to collide. They were […]

Dates for you DIARY…

SEPTEMBER 9Monetary Policy Committee base rate decisionOne member of the MPC voted for a rise for the third time last month. Andrew Sentance believes it’s time for rates to rise but will he have any support this month?Find out on September 9. SEPTEMBER 16Financial Services Authority conferenceThe FSA’s annual Asset Management Conference is a chance […]

Naming a reward programme

Six tips to get your reward programme name right

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