See glass as half full in these testing times

Albert Einstein once said that in the middle of difficulty lies opportunity. That’s definitely true of the mortgage market.
We have had the recent changes to interest-only and tightening of lending criteria.


Lenders are also looking at distribution strategies, there have been rises in SVRs, a continued lack of new market entrants and a lack of funding for lenders that will continue to lead to more changes.

How you deal with this difficulty will depend on your outlook – is your glass half empty or half full?

With a glass half full, you’ll see plenty of opportunities. One such opportunity is close at hand and lies within your database – your existing clients.

They are your most precious asset so you need to continually keep in touch to demonstrate your expertise and enhance your credibility.

Even if clients are locked into a deal, stay in touch with them because it will increase the chance of referrals.

In tough times, there are always opportunities, so talk to your clients about the market changes and what it means for them.

Most opportunities are right under your nose and just require a simple solution.