Don’t stop talking to keep work coming in

How do you communicate with your customers, and when? Can you do this more proactively?

The key part of your business is what your brand stands for, and the central part of that brand is you.

Be honest with yourself about how often you communicate with your customer base. If this isn’t an area of strength, get some help. You just need to identify what you should be doing and implement processes to ensure it happens.

If calling your clients is hard, employ someone to do this for you. The extra money it will generate will pay for a part-time position, or use this person to do all the functions that you can pass over and focus on what only you can do. The extra work this will develop will pay for their wages.

The companies that have grown in the past three years have stayed focussed on their customers and improved ways in which they communicate with them.

One thing that does work is a regular monthly newsletter. This starts with the need to contact your clients and establish a database of email addresses. This is a soft approach to making contact that will generate appointments when you explain why you need it.

A monthly newsletter isn’t hard to start. If you do nothing but email your name, your brand and how you can help customers, you will evolve this into something of value.

One thing you should always put at the end of the newsletter is: “If you want to arrange for me to review your circumstances or give you some advice, simply email back, letting me know when you’re free.”