The Mortgage Mole


WINGING IT As Mole knows all too well, the summer months mean two things for journalists: very little news and talking endlessly to answering machines as industry folk set off on their holidays. But it seems the summer is also when most of the industry gives something back to the community through charity work – and this summer seems to be a record for charitable deeds among the mortgage industry.

Vicky Reynolds, James Walley and Nathan Taylor – all of the e.surv Hinckley team – last week took to the skies and quite literally fell back down to earth again to raise money for the Make-A-Wish foundation. They took off from a Leicestershire airfield and soared to a dizzying height of 13,000 before jumping out again in a tandem skydive. During their descent, the trio hit speeds of up to 120 mph; the kind of velocity normally reserved for London house prices – only going the other way.

Being the underground creature that he is, Mole admittedly has no head for heights so was all the more impressed by the lengths to which the e.surv three went to raise money for a great cause.

With his feet firmly on terra firma, Mole congratulates the top effort from these three high-fliers.

Continuing with that theme, Leeds Building Society is sending a team of 14 staff members, including head of corporate accounts Louisa Sedgwick, who has a broken toe, and sales and marketing director Kim Rebecchi, to walk 84 miles from Wallsend to Bowness in Scotland over three days.

The team are walking and raising funds on behalf of Teenage Cancer Trust and hope to raise £8,400. To add a little fun into what sounds an arduous challenge, the team from Leeds will also be dressing up as Romans for the epic hike. 

There is a competition to give each of the walkers a name which Mole thinks could be good fun…though once again his admiration and support will be offered from the comfort of his
own home.