The Mortgage Mole

Meter’s running

Mole’s head is feeling a little sore this morning after a few too many sherries and wonders if Mortgage Strategy contributor Hugh Wade-Jones has any hangover remedies to share. Mole never normally touches the stuff, not since an incident involving ten ladybirds, half a crow and a digital camera, but it’s unclear whether Wade-Jones’ own recent experience of doing a runner from a taxi will inspire the same feelings.

According to a report in local paper last week the Ham & High, the director of high-networth brokerage Enness Private Clients found himself in court after he was accused of attempting to escape a £28 cab fare.

The court heard how Hugh Wade-Jones had tried to avoid paying a cab driver after being driven home from a day of heavy drinking with colleagues on June 22.

Cab driver Patrick James called police after following the drunk businessman to his home in Hampstead – keeping the meter running until his passenger reached his door. By that time the fare had risen to £37.

“All along my gut reaction is I am not someone who is going to run away from taxis. I can only stand by my gut feeling, but I am not going to hide the fact that I was extremely drunk,” Wade-Jones told the court.

He was ordered by the court to pay £600 in costs in addition to settling the £37 cab fare.

“I conclude that a huge amount of drink – as often is the case – is the cause, but I don’t find that it was to such an extent that his intention at the time was dishonest,” ruled District Judge John Perkins.


Impeccable manners

Mole was alarmed this week to hear the mortgage industry almost lost one of its most colourful characters to a career as a saxophonist in 1980s ska band Bad Manners.

Mole toyed with idea of leaving his readers to guess the identity of this mystery rock sensation but the excitement is too much.

Are you ready? Ok, it is no other than the one and only Terry Pritchard, formerly of Edeus, Key Retirement Solutions, Charterhouse Retirement Solutions and Chase UK.

Terry told Mole a freak accident where a friend of his, who was also the sax player of Bad Manners in the early 80s, fell off the back of his motorbike led him to play several gigs for the band in 1981 while his friend recovered from a broken arm.

Terry has now become a heartthrob in the Mole household. But don’t worry Terry, Mole doesn’t wear underwear so you won’t have any thrown at you from this direction.