This week

simon whitedirector,

Ashdown Lyons

I’ve decided, so it’s now official. Property is the new gardening. Good bye Monty Don, come on down Amanda Lamb. On Thursday two weeks ago there were no fewer than five property-related shows on terrestrial TV alone. Purely in the interests of research I watched “The 20 Quickest Ways to Make Money on Your Property” on Five, to be informed that installing a power shower could add 1,000 to the value of my ancestral home. What utter nonsense. How accurately do these people think we can value? Come back Alan Titchmarsh, all is forgiven. JOHN WRIGLESWORTHeconomist

Fantastic news arrived on my desk this week. Financial education is to be included in the school curriculum from 2007. Yes, children are going to leave school with a general grasp of the value of money, savings, pensions and maybe if we are lucky, mortgages. This may positively affect the other piece of news, that caught my interest this week – the number of lenders going to court to force consumers to pay debts is rising at its fastest rate since the last major recession in 1991. So could we be looking at a future with financially literate solvent consumers? That sounds a little radical to me.