Take a mortgage, get an iMac free

Scarborough has built on the success of its recent plasma TV give-away with the launch of a mortgage which throws in a Apple iMac G5 computer as part of the deal.

The country’s second oldest society is offering the computer package with its limited issue MortgagePlus five-year flexible fixed and five-year flexible base rate tracker mortgages.

From September 28 until October 29 anyone taking out the mortgages for a loan worth 50,000 or more will receive high tech goodies worth up to 2,600 on completion.

The package includes an iMac, a wireless keyboard, a digital camera with email and web access, an iPod with Bose stereo equipment plus games and Microsoft Office software. The computer comes with a three-year Applecare engineer and technical support warranty.

John Carrier, chief executive of Scarborough, says: “I hope the attractive equipment available with these products will enable people to get extra enjoyment out of life by using a mortgage from Scarborough to obtain something their budgets might not otherwise allow.”

Ray Boulger, senior technical manager for John Charcol, says: “With this sort of product the starting point has to be – do you want all or most of the goods offered?

“If so, for mortgages at the lower end of the minimum sum required – particularly up to 65,000 for the fixed rate product and up to 100,000 for the tracker – this represents good value.”