Please most people most of the time

You can only please some of the people some of the time, and of course some people you can’t please any of the time. So when confronted with the dilemma of helping your children or helping yourself, where do you turn for advice?

If you think about it, your clients are faced with the same problem. This presents a sales opportunity as the marketing people have always insisted that if you can offer a solution to a client’s problem, you stand a good chance of getting a sale or providing a service. But truly successful salespeople buy into the concept or product they are selling in order to sell with conviction and passion.

Don’t discount the power of these emotions as clients can usually sense if you are selling from the heart or with the cash till in mind. So you have to come to terms with your own beliefs on the delicate question – your children or you and the wife?

With so many market sectors vying for the same pot of money, who do you go with? On one hand you have pundits who suggest parents may wish to take out equity from their homes as a deposit for their offspring. This has been mooted as a way to stimulate the first-time buyer market. On the other hand, some suggest equity release could be the solution to the pending pensions crisis. And then there are those promoting buy-to-let. Who’d want to be a parent having to decide between a deposit for the kids or looking after themselves through equity release or buying a second property? But with a careful juggling act you could provide three slices of the same cake.

Many clients are not comfortable with buy-to-let or equity release. The first stage of your advice process must be to become fully informed yourself. For example, you go to Currys to enquire about a camera. Before you ask the simplest question you just know the shop assistant will say, “I don’t know but I’ll ask,” and you think, “Why don’t they learn about the products they’re selling?”

There’s always one font of knowledge in the shop they turn to for the right product information. These clued up people have gone out of their way to learn about their chosen trade.

Similarly, you must become a font of knowledge to survive, never mind excel, in today’s mortgage market. Learn as much as you can about specialist sectors and you might begin to please most of the people most of the time. Find the time for training and you might not even have enough time to count your new-found wealth. Now there’s something worth considering.