Online offer from Advantage

From Monday October 10 2005, Advantage Home Loans will be giving brokers who submit e-DIPs via its website an additional e-DIP premium of between 0.05% and 0.25% per completion

The offer applies to over 2,000 branded products, the only proviso being that the DIP is initially submitted on or after the October 10 2005 until November 30 2005.

Based on an average loan value of 110,000 brokers will receive between 55 and 275 extra by way of a thank you for using the online services.

Kate Huet, marketing manager at Advantage, says: “Currently over 60% of our DIPs are submitted online. Over the next three months we aim to raise this figure significantly so that all brokers dealing with Advantage will be able to benefit from utilising our forthcoming online electronic decisioning system which will go live by the end of October 2005.”