Mortgage Promotions launches Lawprotect plus

Mortgage Promotions announced today that it has launched a discounted Heath, Safety and Employment package for members.

The package, called Lawprotect plus, is designed to help small businesses comply with Health & Safety and Employment issues. It is a user-friendly software designed by Aquamarc.

The facility to promote Lawprotect plus was put together for Mortgage Promotions by Sean Benson of Innovative Insurance Solutions.

Nick Baxter, director of mortgage promotions at Mortgage Promotions, says: “We see one of our roles as helping all our directly regulated registered users comply with any aspect of regulation.

“This new package adds to the range of support services available from Mortgage Promotions. Why have we launched this facility at this time?

“Well, we know there is an increasing amount of legislation and red tape being forced on small businesses, which is time-consuming and can be really intimidating, and our two Lawprotect plus CD-ROMs can help managers stay within the law and operate the best procedures for running a safe and efficient business.

“Buying our CD-ROMs and following the recommendations and procedures is the best way of showing that businesses really do understand what their responsibilities are and theyre taking the necessary steps to fulfil them.”

The CD-ROMs, one for Health & Safety and one for Employment Law, contain checklists of procedures and policies which can be edited on screen and downloaded or saved to a PC, thanks to the addition of Adobe Acrobat 6.0 Professional (included free in the package).

The information is regularly updated to take changes in the law into account and these updates are accessed through the Members Login Section of the Lawprotect plus website.

Also included in the pack is 12 months Legal Expenses insurance, which gives the employer up to 50,000 of cover per claim in the event of being sued for breach of duty, up to 500,000 in any one year. The Legal Expenses insurance and the free updates can be renewed annually at a further cost. There are two free helplines dedicated to helping Members with their legal and technical problems.