MEX looks into poor advice claim

Mortgage Express is investigating allegations that one of its sales team has been incorrectly advising brokers on how to fill in self-cert mortgage applications.

One source tells Mortgage Strategy that a broker has voiced concerns to senior management at MEX after he was advised by one of its BDMs on how to exploit loopholes in a self-cert application.

MEX says it is taking the matter seriously and if necessary will take appropriate disciplinary action.

A spokesman says: “We are committed to maintaining our reputation as a responsible lender, especially with regard to self-cert mortgages. We are investigating allegations about comments made by a member of our sales team and if necessary will take disciplinary action.

“We are taking this matter seriously and hope to have it resolved as soon as possible.”

The Financial Services Authority revealed recently that it was launching a

far-reaching probe into the way self-cert mortgages are sold. In 2003, on the back of the BBC’s infamous expos矩n The Money Programme, the watchdog looked at the risk of financial crime arising thematically through the mortgage process.