I have not signed up a single client from leads I bought

From Chris Platt An advert for paaleads.com in your last edition prompted me to write about my experience with this company. The advertisement is misleading as it suggests that an intermediary would earn 2,200 froman outlay of 325. I recently bought 15 leads at 32.50 per lead and as this was my first purchase from paaleads, it generously gave me an additional five. I followed up every lead without delay and also wrote to each enquirer. Where possible I also emailed them. I visited a number of people at their home addresses. The majority of people I spoke to had no intention of seeking a mortgage and many of those that did aspire to home ownership had little or no income. Paaleads gave me three or four new leads to replace those where a telephone number didn’t exist but none produced any result. The result is that I have not yetsigned up any of the supposed potential clients so where is my 577% profit? The company’s attitude when I reported this experience was one of indifference. Apart from the financial commitment, I invested a considerable amount of time following up these leads to no avail. Was I just unlucky?