Gay FA is Young Business Person of the Year

Chris Morgan, managing director of Compass Independent Financial Advisers and Pink Investment, has been awarded the Barclays Young Business Person of the Year, at the Gay and Lesbian wards 2005.

The awards were held on Friday September 30 at the Savoy Hotel In London, in front of a star studded audience. Notable Celebrities, including Cilla Black,Lulu,Kelly Osbourne,Tracey Emmin, and David Furnish ll, represented wards throughout the evening.

Morgan says: “Im overwhelmed to be given such an honour,and recognised for my achievements within the Life Assurance industry. Its even more special knowing that this is the first time the awards have ever been made.”

The Gay & Lesbian Awards is a new concept aimed at celebrating the key achievements and honouring the successes of individuals from within the gay & lesbian community in the UK today.

The Awards are designed to recognise an individuals contribution to society and their achievements. They are intended to honour individuals and peers in the gay community to which they can e truly proud.

Morgans adds: “September 30 is a special date in my mind, as it is the day that my work to remove the Gay Question from Life Assurance applications was complete. It s very fitting that the achievement has been recognised n such special way by the gay community.”

Other award winners at the ceremony included Lord Waheed Alli (BB the Year),
Alexander McQueen (AA of the Year),Stephen Fry,(Entertainment Person of the Year) and Angela Mason Life Time Achievement Award.

Compass IFA Limited,a firm of financial advisers that offers specialist advice to the Gay and HIV Positive communities, without fear of discrimination.

Morgan is also editor of the online magazine and also a champion powerlifter in his “spare” time. After working as a financial planning manager at Midland Bank, and being headhunted by Barclays to advise clients of the Regent Street and Mayfair group of branches, Morgan set up Compass, a gay business, in 1999.

He co-wrote the new “HIV and Insurance Guidelines”, accepted and published by the Association of British Insurers, guidelines which become effective on September 30, 2005, removing the Gay Question.