Trigold announces white labelling success

Trigold has announced that there are now 40 customised versions of its Prospector Plus mortgage sourcing software in the mortgage market.

This white labelling provides mortgage networks and principles with the opportunity to take all of the core functionality of the Trigold software and customise it to their exact requirements.

It is a way to bring an individual proposition to the market and, instead of months or possibly years of development work, it only takes a couple of weeks to create.

The Top 10 customised items are:

1. Branding on the CD, screens and documents

2. Lender panels

3. Customised compliance documents including: terms of business letter, mortgage quote, key features document, ASU decline letter, product confirmation letter

4. Links to Trigold&#39s Compliance ShieldTM

5. Exclusive products

6. Procuration fees for core and exclusive products

7. Integration with protection, GI and MPPI insurers.

8. Links to conveyancing suppliers

9. Links to secured loans providers

10. Custom adverts on the front screen

Bill Safran, joint managing director, says: “I&#39ve been asked if I&#39m concerned that someone else&#39s brand is on our software and the answer is absolutely not. Our customers have chosen Trigold to power their proposition to their customers. They have linked their brand name with the quality of the Trigold software. This is possibly the greatest endorsement we could receive.

“For the first time, firms considering principle status can create a customised solution to their sourcing and compliance requirements and deliver it to the market as their own proposition.”