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New-build homes rise 9%

New-build homes price inflation has risen by 9% in the last 12 months, research from Bradford & Bingley Land & New Homes says.

The cost of an average new home in the UK now stands at £186,747, compared to £172,715 in 2002.

The figures from L&NH reveal that the north of England is leading the way with a major 31% hike in prices over the last 12 months. The South-East in comparison has seen a fall of 2%.

The five-year picture also shows massive price gains throughout the country. Nationally the cost of a new home has risen by 69%. The South-West and the North witnessing the largest rises of 99% and 91% respectively.

Tom Harris, national director of Bradford & Bingley L&NH believes that a series of connected issues are causing increased price inflation in the new homes market and are likely to fuel even bigger rises over the short to mid term. He points to the lengthy planning permission process, coupled with local authorities&#39 interpretation of government planning policies, in particular the PPG3 directives and the provision of affordable housing as the leading culprits as well as overall increased homebuyer confidence.

Harris says: “All three factors combined are leading to bottlenecks in the construction process and house price inflation rises. Under new government planning laws, developers are being strangled with extra tiers of unnecessary bureaucracy, time delays an added costs. Instead, lifting the restrictions on developers an allowing them to build the type and number of dwellings buyers are looking for is the answer. These somewhat draconian laws should be relaxed in order to make the market more fluid which in time will stabilise prices.”


FSA urges brokers to get on the web

The FSA has criticised brokers who lack the online facilities needed to submit compulsory business reports, come regulation. The Mortgage Code Compliance Board advisory group met last week to discuss the FSA&#39s rules on company reporting requirements. Under the guidelines brokers will have to submit business reports to the FSA, with benefits for online information […]

Homeowners unconcerned about potential base rate rise

Research by The MarketPlace at Bradford & Bingley suggests there is widespread apathy amongst homeowners towards interest rate rises. Over 80% of adults in the UK, are either not worried at all or only slightly worried about interest rates rising in the near future. Interest rates rising this year won&#39t encourage over half (58%) of […]


The Bank of England&#39s Monetary Policy Committee today voted to raise interest rates by 0.25%. The MPC&#39s decision to raise the base rate to 3.75% is the first increase since February 2000, and was broadly expected by analysts as the inevitable reaction to continued growth in household debt. Lenders say the move marks an important […]

E-services will cut costs

Marlborough Stirling has launched an industry-wide e-commerce initiative connecting life companies and intermediaries with end-to-end technology through The Exchange. The services will be capable of cutting new business and servicing costs by 25% – an annual cost saving of up to £1.25bn. Marlborough Stirling says it has reached an agreement with AXA, Friends Provident, Norwich […]


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