Moneyback guarantee has proved a worthless promise

From Ray Harrison

I read with interest an article on lead generation firms and in particular Mortgage Appointments (Mortgage Strategy October 27). After an unsolicited call from Ric Gibson promising a moneyback guarantee for quality leads, we paid £500 in March 2003 to this company. We soon realised that the leads purchased were not of the quality promised by Gibson, so we asked for a full refund in writing. We heard nothing from the company, so decided to ring Gibson only to be told he was not available.

After many calls and emails to this company, we still have not received a refund of our £500. In fact, we have never been able to speak to Gibson since he received our money; he is either “in a meeting” or “on the other line” and does not return our call. We have even had the phone put down on us when we have told the receptionist the purpose of our call.

I&#39m astounded and angry by Gibson&#39s claim that we brokers are at fault for our inability to process leads because of incompetence rather than poor quality leads. My business partner and myself have many years experience in the financial industry and throughout our careers have been very successful.

I would love a face-to-face meeting with Ric Gibson, but I know I would be wasting my time trying.

Ray Harrison

By email