Inhouse offer facilities from Guaranteed HomeLoans

Guaranteed HomeLoans has launched inhouse offer facilities with lending partner GMAC-RFC.

John Howard Smith, director of Guaranteed HomeLoans, says: “We are excited to be able to offer this added benefit to our introducers. Having complete control on the whole process, up to and including completion, will not only give us an added edge with our competitors, but further goes to prove our strength and standing with our lending partners.

With the continued development of our network services, in house offer facilities form a big part of our strategy going forward and can only help tempt potential ARs to us.”

Beverly Morris, head of GMAC-RFC&#39s Platinum Partners remote processing, says: “We are pleased to welcome Guaranteed HomeLoans as a remote processor. We have a long standing relationship with them and know that by being able to control all of the mortgage process this will only enhance the service they are able to provide.”