Gravy train ready to board with no heating necessary

From Warwick Tidy

British Rail is pleased to announce the train that will be leaving Canary Wharf on October 31 2004 is now available for bookings.

The train, named &#39Regulation Juggernaut&#39, will have a bias towards FSA officers as there will be plenty of gravy on board and is already known as the gravy train. Executives/employees of PII companies will also be most welcome. Passengers must note that as this train has no brakes, once it is rolling there will be no stopping it. The train has not been tested, but it is known that neither leaves nor snow on the line will stop the train (Leaves & Snow mortgage brokers are preparing to tie themselves to the tracks, as they can stand no more of regulation for regulation sake, after 25 years with no complaints whatsoever).

There will be special panoramic windows on board, so that FSA officers can raise a glass as the train cuts through Leaves & Snow and celebrate the culling of yet more small brokers. Roast beef (with gravy, of course) will be served in the buffet car, followed by cake (fudge). Heating on the train will be unnecessary due to the amount of hot air that will be generated.

There will be no driver onboard, due to the fact that the train does not know where it is going and any line will take it there. The general public will not able to book places on the train because they do not understand what is going on.

Warwick Tidy

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