Amber targets light adverse customers

Amber Homeloans is launching a product aimed at borrowers at the light end of the adverse credit scale.

Amber&#39s Feather adverse mortgage is available with a full status option at a rate of only 3.60% and also has a self-cert option at 4.10%. The full status mortgages are suitable for borrowers who intend to provide evidence when declaring their income.

However, borrowers are also offered self-certification options whereby Amber will accept a declaration with minimal verification of income.

Mike Perry, head of sales and marketing at Amber Homeloans Limited, says: “In January, Amber launched the bespoke mortgage aimed at customers with heavy adverse credit. It has been successful and we are now focussed on helping clients at the opposite end of the scale.

“The Feather mortgage is ideal for borrowers who have not missed any of their mortgage payments, but may be penalised for a low credit rating.”