The Mortgage Mole


Racing ahead The 2010 London Marathon, in which some 37,000 runners took part, saw a strong turnout from the mortgage industry. Of those Mole heard about, the top performer was Tony Machin, chief executive officer of European Financial Solutions (see pic, bottom right). Machin’s time was an incredible 3.36.

Grant Bather, PR at soon-to-be mortgage lender Virgin Money, completed the course in 3.56 beating boss Richard Branson who finished as a red butterfly (see picture caption).

Nigel Stockton, head of mortgages at Lloyds Banking Group, came home in 4.39 while Grenville Turner, group chief executive officer of Countrywide, did it in 4.46 and man mountain Rob Jupp, managing director of Savills Lending Solutions, took 5.58. Well done all.

Win and lose Xit2 managing director Mark Blackwell and Wriglesworth’s James Staunton had a good time at the Headlinemoney Awards celebrating the best in financial journalism last week.

But knowing they were in for a long evening the pair decided to spice things up with a few bets on the awards winners.The big moneywas riding on award five, for mortgage writer of the year.

Staunton declared Mortgage Strategy’s Robert Thickett would scoop the gong but Blackwell went for Natalie Martin. When Martin won Staunton was left on the losing end of a costly bet.

“I was so confident of Thickett’s success I bet Blackers a night’s worth of drinks,” he told Mole. ”With martinis at £10 a pop my credit rating is in peril.”