Sourcing system may help brokers compete with comparison websites

An IFA has teamed up with Capita Financial Software to launch Mortgage 27, a sourcing system for brokers’ websites.

James Sadler, who has worked as an IFA for 15 years, says he created the system to help brokers compete against similar systems from supermarkets and large retailers.

The system is designed to sit on a broker’s website and create leads, providing a branded online sourcing system as a plug-in.

It offers best buy tables, lender lists, a one-minute search and a longer search option to produce in-depth customer-specific results.

Sadler says various options are available for all sections of the mortgage industry, from small brokers generating a few enquiries per month to national brokers with a considerable amount of website traffic.

Matt Humphrey, managing director of Capita Financial Software, says: “A significant amount of development has gone into producing a software solution that embraces the whole intermediary market. It will help advisers in an era of growing competition.”

Sadler, managing director of Mortgage 27, says: “We wanted to develop a system that combined the latest online technology with the sales skill of an adviser.

“Mortgage 27 offers a variety of sourcing tools to help advisers receive enquiries, contact customers and give advice where relevant. We hope this will help many brokers achieve more sales leads and greater business levels.”

Mortgage Brain and TrigoldCrystal both offer similar systems.

Mark Lofthouse, chief executive office of Mortgage Brain, says: “It’s a good idea for brokers to have a functional sourcing system on their websites as they need to fight against larger retailers.

“But they must consider what data they use as if they use one system for their website and another when clients visit them the information might not tally.”

David Aylmer, business development and marketing director at TrigoldCrystal, says: “We have a similar system and this seems like a copycat, but competition is always welcome.”