PT Life:box rolls out Origo Adviserwise to DAs

Life:box – Personal Touch’s directly authorised protection proposition – has rolled out the Origo Adviserwise system to its directly authorised brokers.

As one of four companies that helped with the development of the system, Personal Touch are supportive of the Origo project and believe that it will reduce the advisers time when applying for a protection agencies.

PTFS says it will improve the efficiency of the registration process within Life:box allowing advisers to quote and submit new business quicker.

The system has been linked to Life:box and once an adviser signs up they can set up their protection agencies with a number of providers by completing one online agency form instead of different form for each provider.

Dev Malle, sales director at PTFS, says:“The PTFS directly authorised proposition is now stronger than ever before and offers advisers a full range of products and services including Mortgage:box, Household:box, Compliance:box, PI:box, Training:box and ASU:box.

“We have covered nearly every base that a DA requires to run a safe, profitable business and value added services are being recognised by DAs as important differentiators in the current market.”