Optoma apologises to brokers

Andrew Seymour, managing director of Optoma has issued a statement apologising to brokers for any inconvenience that it may be experiencing during the current processing changes being undertaken at Optoma.

Optoma is currently outsourcing its sales and underwriting business to Huntingdon, and is preparing for the role out of its new IT platform.

Seymour, says: “We are currently undertaking an important strategic move that will benefit all of our users as we enable ourselves to deliver faster and more efficient services. Unfortunately, as with all major changes to a companies operation, there are likely to be teething problems, so we ask you to bear with us in the short term.

“I would like to personally apologise for any inconvenience that may be caused over the next week and assure you that the team are working hard to return service levels to our usual high standards as soon as possible. We really value all of our introducers and their years of loyal support and in these really tough times we are making every effort to maintain our brand values.”