Me and my ipod – 3 March 2008

My iPod contains a microcosm of my musical life, from 1980s pop to indie, house, soul and band music. Being an Everton fan, the Theme from Z-Cars is on my list too, says Julian Wells

Julian Wells is an industry consultant

What a challenge – not least because I’m a big music lover and a bit of a DJ too. I reckon the easiest way to do this is to take you on a musical journey through my life.

The first record I bought was Take on me by Norway’s A-ha and it’s still my favourite 1980s track. In the early 1990s I was a big indie fan. Ridiculously baggy jeans and hooded tops dominated my wardrobe. This is the one by The Stone Roses and Take five by Northside are my most played iPod tracks from that era.

New Order’s Blue monday is a classic and bridged the gap in my taste between indie and dance music. I became obsessed with dance in the mid-1990s and could happily offer a top 100 of house tracks alone.

My favourite is probably Passion by Gat Décor but it’s a tough choice. At university in the late 1990s, the ‘make mine a 99’ mix of Groovy feeling by Fluke was the biggest house tune on the scene. I listen to it all the time and never get tired of reminiscing. I’m a sucker for happy memories.

In recent years I’ve broadened my taste in music. I love Getting better by The Beatles and I’ve also developed a taste for soul music. For example, you can’t beat Rock steady by Aretha Franklin.

I like a lot of band music too and there’s a superb London outfit called Grand National. Playing in the distance is a great track and they are brilliant live.

This column could not be completed by an Everton fan without including Johnny Keating’s Theme from Z-Cars. The boys in blue have been running out to this tune at Goodison Park for years.

You can listen to all these tracks for free on YouTube but as a few of Mortgage Strategy’s editors are Liverpool fans, I don’t expect a rush to download Keating’s tune in its offices anytime soon.