It pays for valuers to do home inspections promptly

Andrew Botte\'s recent letter (Mortgage Strategy February 18) outlines some frustrating circumstances with which I have some sympathy.

No valuer I’m aware of would expect anybody to sit around in a property for hours.

Our standard policy is to book app-ointments with up to five days’ notice and provide time windows or advance warning of the likely time on the day of visit. In certain circumstances, we offer precise appointment times.

I can confirm that in the case Botte refers to in his letter, all our normal practices were observed.

Valuers have every incentive to complete inspections at the earliest opportunity as this is the only way they collect a fee.

Botte’s case perhaps highlights the need for all professionals involved to go the extra mile to reach successful conclusions for clients.

Valuers are clear about their role both as advisers to their clients – usually the lenders – and as facilitators in mortgage applications.

Our industries are interdependent and Botte is welcome to visit our offices and be reassured regarding our procedures. Then perhaps he could provide some more considered and constructive feedback.

Richard Sexton
Director of business development
By email