HIPs trials reveal 72% consumer satisfaction

The publication of the Housing Ministry’s Home Information Pack area trials results reveal 72% of consumers are fairly or very satisfied with HIPs.

The results also show a 10% reduction in the time taken to reach exchange of contracts reducing the stress incurred during this period of great uncertainty and allowing consumers to plan their move with greater confidence.

One of the key objectives of HIPs is to speed up the process and the Association fo Home Information Pack Providers says this is clearly being achieved.

Paul Broadhead, deputy director general of AHIPP, says: “These results show that even some months ahead of the implementation of HIPs across the country, consumers in a number of locations were already seeing the benefits of the new process.

“What is also clear is that property professionals did not engage fully with the process and many consumers did not see the HIP on their property. Had they done so the results would surely have been even better. Clearly where buyers were shown the packs they liked what they saw and understood the content.

“I would now call on all those parties serving home buyers and sellers to work positively with HIPs, ensuring that they are shown and explained to consumers. If everyone engages fully in the process HIPs will help consumers move home with less stress, less wasted cost and greater certainty.”