Goldsmith Williams partners with Berkeley James

Goldsmith Williams has partnered with mortgage packager Berkeley James.

The exclusive arrangement will see the conveyancer provide a range of products and services to Berkeley James customers.

These include access to GWLive – Goldsmith Williams’ online case management system that allows cases to be tracked in real time, offering far greater transparency throughout the purchase process.

As Berkeley James also specialises in investment in foreign properties, the partnership includes GWOL, Goldsmith Williams dedicated overseas legal service.

David Shortt, corporate services director at Goldsmith Williams, says: “Through this exclusive partnership, Berkeley James can provide industry-leading legal products, delivered through the latest digital solutions and supported by the highest customer service. This will enable brokers to maximise existing business and diversify to profit from international investment.”

Anita Richards, managing director of Berkeley James, adds: “As an independent mortgage packager whose business model is built around providing our brokers with a complete packaging solution, adding a solicitor referral scheme to our offering was something we had been considering for some time.

“The decision of who to work with was vitally important as anyone we chose to recommend had to be able to provide our brokers the same high level of personal service that we continually strive for.”