AToM guarantees 48 hour proc fee payment

All Types of Mortgages has guaranteed proc fee payment within 48 hours of confirming a completed deal.

The firm says it prides itself on paying brokers in a timely manner especially in the wake of a number of packagers having to delay payment due to market turbulence.

AToM makes twice-weekly BACS payments in order to provide its introducers certainty of proc fees being confirmed within 48 hours.

Vic Jannels, chairman of AToM ,says: “Importantly, we do not wait for the lender to pay us first and we carry the liability until they do. That we are able to do this demonstrates the strength of our proposition, even in these trying times. Supporting brokers need certainty that they are going to get paid. We give them that certainty.

“We simply seek absolute confirmation that completion has taken place. AToM has always taken pride in our ability to pay fees promptly and the extra BACS payments means that we can continue to deliver to our introducers the funds that they are entitled to in a timely manner.”