SYH Charterhouse relaunches as equity release specialist

SYH Charterhouse has relaunched as an equity release specialist and can now advise on equity release products as well as provide them.

SYH Charterhouse was previously a product provider only, but is now fully qualified to give advice on lifetime mortgages, home reversion, and partial release products.

Michael Holt, managing director of SYH Charterhouse, says: “We are pleased to have changed our permissions with the Financial Services Authority to be able to advise on both home reversions and lifetime mortgages.”

He adds: “Brokers who do not have the relevant equity release permissions and qualifications can still gain a significant additional income stream by referring equity release cases to us.

“We will undertake the advice process for them, helping brokers to branch into equity release without having to be specialists in the field themselves.”