Provider warns of hidden PPI clauses

Insurance provider is warning of potentially hidden clauses when it comes to claiming on payment protection insurance. says that predictions of widespread job losses across the UK are likely to trigger more consumers to seek PPI cover.

But the provider is warning that one of the key stipulations of these policies is that applicants must declare if they are aware of any impending redundancies when they are applying for cover.

Shane Craig, managing director of, says: One of the common criticisms of PPI is that it is hard to claim on the policy as there is so much small print waiting to trip up consumers.

But we do not believe in burying important information in the small print: it is up there on our site in black and white and in all literature sent to potential applicants.

He adds: It is important to remember that our products are for fair weather and foul. Less scrupulous PPI providers may not be so keen to point out conditions which could so easily catch out panicking applicants.