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Welcome to the first Mortgage Strategy Politico blog bringing you all the news, views and, no doubt, blunders from the world of politics each week.

And what a week it’s been, on both sides of the Atlantic.

Transport secretary Ruth Kelly, otherwise known as the woman who managed to make a dogs dinner of every area of government she was entrusted with, has resigned.

Just weeks before the expected cabinet reshuffle, which would see Prime Minister Gordon Brown remove weak links the calamitous MP decided she suddenly wanted to “spend more time with her family”. Funny that. Funny also that rumours on the political circuit suggest Kelly was none to happy with the leader’s ability to, well, lead. Still who are we to doubt that the MP wants to spend more time at home? Why should we not trust a politician?

Even more amusing is Kelly’s timing. You have to feel sorry for Brown. For 364 days of the year he is vilified. After his commendable speech at the labour conference he goes to sleep thinking tomorrow will be that one day, that once in a blue moon day when he may actually receive some praise. And what happens? He wakes up to the news one of his senior (although Lord knows why) MPs is to quit. And any Brown-acclaiming headlines are scrapped and replaced with the news of Kelly’s resignation.

The conference was plagued with rumours of rifts from the start. In a speech that was greeted with rapturous applause from delegates Brown claimed this “was no time for a novice” in an overt attack on Conservative leader David Cameron and a thinly veiled covert attack on party favourite David Miliband. Many are hoping the foreign affairs secretary is the man to turn around the fortunes of the beleaguered party – he’s younger than Brown, better looking and smiles more, what more could a country want?

Unfortunately unless this government delivers when it comes to the economy then even the most charismatic of leaders will not be enough to see them through.

Meanwhile across the pond the race to the presidency has taken a back seat as republican candidate John McCain and his democrat opponent Barack Obama temporarily decided to put campaigning on hold and head off to Washington to help sort out the financial crisis. Apparently McCain thought the welfare of the people and the economy must come before campaigning and Obama (without much choice in the matter) agreed. Yes, this is completely about the people, not at all about the campaign, no publicity stunt here, no siree.


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