Mutual lack of joined-up thinking

Is John Goodfellow, chief executive of Skipton Building Society and chairman of the Building Societies Association, being subversive or has the society been caught short when it comes to joined-up thinking?

This question arises following the receipt of invitations from the building society to Mortgage Strategy journalists to an Oasis concert at Wembley Arena on October 16.

The problem is that they also received invitations – from Goodfellow himself in his capacity as chairman of the BSA – to the BSA’s annual lecture the very same night, when the speaker will be Paul Lewis, presenter of Money Box on BBC Radio 4.

It was a difficult decision to make for the younger journalists but the good news for the Skipton is that Wembley won. On the other hand, that may be bad news for Goodfellow, depending on which hat he’s wearing.