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Mole thought things couldn’t get any worse for the industry until he heard the latest news about Halifax. The most annoying man on television, Howard, is apparently in the process of buying a second house which will set him back £1m.

While many HBOS employees face redundancy following the Lloyds TSB rescue, the singing ‘star’ is clearly flush after years of annoying us. Mole’s off to the karaoke bar.


Olympic sponsor Lloyds TSB goes for gold

Lloyds TSB, which is sponsoring the London Olympics to the tune of £80m, is poised to take over HBOS, the UK’s largest mortgage lender, for £12.2bn.

Derbyshire and Cheshire go Nationwide

The Derbyshire and The Cheshire building societies are to merge with Nationwide by the end of the year as part of a dual rescue package that will see Nationwide enter 2009 with around 1,000 branches, assets totalling more than £191bn and £122bn worth of retail deposits.

Spanish move may see sourcing merger

Banco Santander’s take-over of Alliance & Leicester could lead to the merging of Trigold and Mortgage Brain, it has emerged.


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