House building target not high enough, says report

The government target to increase housing by three million by 2020 falls significantly short of what is needed, says the Town & Country Planning Association.

A TCPA report says the target is based on figures from 2004, which sees 25,975 more households in the UK by 2026, a figure that falls 5% short of TCPA’s 2006 projection.

It says plans to build 240,000 units of housing each year until 2016 will not be sufficient due to lower death rates and higher immigration and that up to 250,000 homes need to be built each year.

The report says: “Building 245,000 to 250,000 homes would amount to between 3.43 million and 3.5 million in 2020. Three million more homes would be below what would be needed to provide for the increase in households that our population projections imply.”