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Hotshot Palin puts igloo issue on ice

With moose and bear shooting high on pro-life US Republican vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin’s priority list it’s not surprising that the Bush administration is trying to fix the US housing market with its nationalisation of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae ahead of the presidential elections in November.

As Barack Obama’s running mate Jo Biden has pointed out, housing ain’t in this gal’s sights.

Speaking shortly after Palin’s speech to the Republican faithful last month, Biden said he had been impressed by what she didn’t say.

He said: ” I didn’t hear a word about the housing crisis or college education – all the things the middle class is being burdened with now.”

Could it be that Alaska’s foremost politician believes that the igloo issue should be left on ice?


Landlords not ready for EPC, says Paragon poll

Paragon Mortgages has polled 200 landlords and found that 81% are not ready for this week’s Energy Performance Certificate deadline. Only 5% of those surveyed have received the required certification.

Choose booze

Mole’s never been one for maths but you can buy him a beer on these sums any day. If you had purchased 1,000 worth of Northern Rock shares a year ago they would be worth 4.95 today. With HBOS, the same amount invested earlier this month would now be worth 16.50.

Accord pulls out of credit repair market

Yorkshire owned Accord Mortgages is to focus on the residential market and is withdrawing from the remaining elements of the credit repair market for the foreseeable future.


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