Automated updates keep brokers happy


I think I speak for the majority of people when I say that going to the dentist is hardly a pleasurable experience.

For one, it’s generally not comfortable and two, the smell makes me regress back to the scared child trapped inside me.

But on the positive side at least the standards of service have improved. Yes, there is still a frightening array of tools and apparatus that you wouldn’t voluntarily put anywhere near your mouth. But you can at least book appointments online and receive an automated response.

In fact, for my last appointment I received a text message a week prior to it and another reminder one day before the appointment to ensure I had not forgotten.

Simply issuing a tatty old appointment card is a distant memory as technology comes into play. Ensuring all communications are clear and regular is essential as people have busy lives.

Gone are the days of writing phone numbers on the back of beer mats or scribbling a reminder on the back of your hand.

Technological advances mean we can generally be contacted or updated at any given time.

We have recently updated our IntroTrack service to ensure brokers submitting Woolwich mortgage applications automatically get signed up for the service, allowing them to receive email updates at six key stages.

The feedback we have had from brokers is that they like the automated updates, as this is one less thing for them to worry about.