PMS not withdrawing exclusives from M2000’s Encore

Premier Mortgage Services has decided not to withdraw its exclusive products from Mortgage 2000’s Encore sourcing system.

Earlier today PMS issued a statement saying it was withdrawing its exclusives with immediate effect and until further notice.

But following discussions with Mortgage 2000 managing director, Sean Hornsby, PMS managing director, John Malone, says he has agreed to keep its exclusives on the M2000 Encore system.

Malone says: “Sean and I will be sitting down early next week to get any issues resolved. I would like a link in place allowing PMS members to access the MTE through Encore and be recognised as PMS members, which they cannot do.”

He adds he will now give a period of time for this to be resolved but will consider withdrawing his products if it is not.

Sean Hornsby, managing director at Mortgage 2000, says: “I’m happy to sit down with John. If John wants this link for PMS members, he can have it. We just have to look at the best way forward from an IT point of view and some lenders would probably have to be involved.”