Garfield confirms long-term commitment to Charcol

John Garfield says he is back with Charcol for the long term and will restore the business he founded to its former glory.

The executive chairman was speaking exclusively and in person to Mortgage Strategy in his first interview since negotiations with Bradford & Bingley were finalised at 6am this morning.

Garfield says: “I am definitely committed to Charcol for the long term. There is a great team here, including some people who I recruited many years ago, as well as new faces.”

He adds: “Its great to be back. Its a bigger business. There is an element of challenge to this, which will be fun.

“There is also an element of having done it before, which means knowing how to put it right and bringing back the entrepreneurial spirit.

“It will again be in the position it was before, and that is going to be exciting. We will be back to producing interesting new products very quickly, along with new ideas for the business as a whole.”

You can read the full interview with Garfield in Mondays Mortgage Strategy.