Extended travel insurance sales boom

Sales of extended travel insurance policies are 50% higher for the first half of 2002 than in 2001, and 88% higher than in 2000, latest sales statistics from American Express Insurance Services reveal.

The company attributes this huge increase to the growing trend of adults taking sabbaticals and planned career breaks.

American Express also say that still too many travellers fail to purchase the adequate travel insurance cover, and that the following three key features should be followed. These are to ensure that the policy covers every country in your travel intinerary, to check that the policy lasts the entire length of the trip and to read the small print before travelling.

Sarah Harper, head of insurance at American Express Insurance Services, says: “On every level our approach to travel has become more sophisticated. Even Hong Kong, for example, is now promoted as a long weekend break destination! Not surprisingly this trend has led to an increase in our annual travel insurance sales, with travellers valuing both the convenience and security that annual travel insurance provides.”