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Storage firm seeks REIT status

Storage firm Big Yellow is trying to change its tax status from that of ‘trading to rental’ to being a real estate investment trust. It is arguing that its sale of space can be seen as rent, but without a reassessment of the tax treatment of its income it would not qualify for REIT status.


Lloyds TSB streamlines overseas applications

Lloyds TSB has streamlined its application process and improved pricing for those seeking mortgages to buy property in Dubai and Portugal.The international mortgage service from Lloyds TSB International offers British and other expatriates, as well as local nationals in some areas, funds to buy holiday homes or investment properties.Lloyds TSB International already has up to […]

Lenders slammed for dual pricing

Lenders have been accused of mistreating packagers in the dual pricing of direct-to-broker and packaged products.

The Manchester acquires Whiteaway Laidlaw

The Manchester has acquired Whiteaway Laidlaw for a cash consideration of approximately £5m.Whiteaway Laidlaw is a commercial bank offering banking facilities to small business and personal customers. While the acquisition enables the society to extend its range of services through the provision of banking facilities to its existing members, Whiteaway Laidlaw will also remain in […]

Learn from example, the FSA way

Firms would be foolish not to take note of the examples of good and poor practice given in the FSA’s review of the quality of mortgage advice, says Bill Warren

Healthcare regulation amalgamation predicted for Gulf states

While Dubai is leading the way in terms of legislating for expat healthcare in the Gulf, Qatar, Abu Dhabi and others are watching and learning – that’s according to Jelf International’s director of international services, Doug Rice. He believes the pace of change in the Gulf states will continue and that some level of unified healthcare system will be introduced across the region.


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