Mortgage Trust lauches select range for B2L investors

Mortgage Trust, the specialist buy-to-let lender, has launched an exceptional range of products under its MT Select brand.

Available exclusively through MT Select packager members, these new products not only boast extremely competitive rates but also assess rental income on 125% of the product rate, providing buy-to-let investors with the option for optimal gearing.

The new MT Select products include: a 4.55% rate, fixed until 31/01/09, with no extended tie-in period, 85% LTV and a 1.5% arrangement fee; a 4.59% rate, fixed until 31/01/08, with a flat arrangement fee of 599 and 85% LTV; a 4.89% rate, fixed until 31/01/08, with a flat arrangement fee of 599, no extended tie-in period and 85% LTV; a 5.18% rate, with 3 year discount, a low arrangement fee of 499 and 85% LTV; and a 5.32% lifetime tracker, with an arrangement fee of 0.50% and 85% LTV.

Austin Jelfs, head of sales, says: Our new MT Select range consists of some terrific products and we are extremely excited to be launching them to the buy-to-let market. Whether investors are looking for fixed rate products, discounts, low arrangement fees, no tie-ins or low rates, this MT Select range has something for every buy-to-let investor.