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Borrowers switching to discounts top savers

Research from Your Move has revealed that borrowers switching to discounted rates pocket the highest savings in more than a year.

First year savings on discounted variable rates have reached their highest level for over a year with rates at their lowest since last summer, spurred on by the base rate cut.

Your Moves August Remortgage Index, tracks first year savings achieved from switching from a 100,000 standard variable rate (presently averaging 6.59%), to the Best Buy rate in different classes.

Mortgage shoppers can now benefit from higher first year savings with discounted rate deals for both two and three years, at 1,930 and 1,770 respectively. Discounted rate full term savings are now at their highest level since before January 2004.

Over the last month, changes amongst discounted rates have been significant, although in comparison to fixed rates they have changed relatively little over the last year. Three year discounted variable rate first year savings have risen by 10% while three year fixed rates savings have not changed.
Jon Round, remortgage analyst at Your Move, says:
“While discounted variable rate mortgages have cheapened, fixed rates have remained, so far, stable.

“Borrowers are still preferring fixed rate deals, not least because these fixed rates are likely to rise over the next few weeks due to increasing concerns about inflation which are threatening to scupper further base rate reductions. It may thus still be wise to choose fixed rates despite the immediate savings on discounted variable rates being higher.

“Both fixed and discounted rate mortgages currently offer high first year savings. Savings with discounted rates have shot up over the last month, reaching their highest for more than a year. Although fixed rate deals have changed little over the last month savings with two, three and five year deals have at least doubled since this time last year.

“However, borrowers need to consider the full picture. Although discounted rates offer higher savings this month, fixed rates remain competitive and borrowers on discounted rates need to be fully aware that repayments can increase rapidly if base rates go up.”


Broker strikes back at NR

Northern Rock has been issued a warrant of execution after failing to reimburse a broker for a valuation that was never carried out. Martyn Barberry, sales director at Stirling Mortgage Network, has issued a County Court summons against the lender for 350. He calls Northern Rock’s service appalling and says over the past 12 months […]

Mortgage Trust lauches select range for B2L investors

Mortgage Trust, the specialist buy-to-let lender, has launched an exceptional range of products under its MT Select brand. Available exclusively through MT Select packager members, these new products not only boast extremely competitive rates but also assess rental income on 125% of the product rate, providing buy-to-let investors with the option for optimal gearing. The […]

Helping weaker sales staff to improve raises standards

From Jonathan Burridge Barney McCarthy’s article ‘BoS apologises to humiliated staff’ (Mortgage Strategy August 22) caused me to ponder whether the branch manager’s boss had suggested he should motivate his staff to close more sales: “You know James, give them a carrot of some kind”. In his enthusiasm he grabbed the first vegetable to hand. […]

Britannia unveils 10-year fixed deal

Britannia is bucking the trend and launching a low cost 10-year fixed rate mortgage. The product offers a rate of 4.74% up to 95% LTV. Tim Franklin, managing director of member business at Britannia, says: “Unlike other lenders that are withdrawing or increasing rates on fixed term mortgages, Britannia is offering customers the chance to […]

Recording sickness absence cover - thumbnail

White paper — recording sickness absence

The latest figures from the Department for Work and Pensions illustrate that sickness absence is still a major cost to businesses, with an annual bill for sick pay and associated costs to employers of £9bn. This paper from Jelf Employee Benefits looks at the importance of recording sickness absence for any employee health strategy and how this can be carried out in an efficient manner to reduce absence, improve employee engagement and drive up profits.


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