Mortgage Mole: Down the pan


Down the pan

Overall, Mole thinks housing minister Brandon Lewis is a fairly decent chap who has not spouted the claptrap that some of his predecessors did. Being housing minister is not an easy job, either, given the relative power of the role and the mammoth number of hurdles in the way of housebuilding. So as the general election nears, Mole decided to spy on the minister to see what he was doing to solve the housing crisis. Ah… that would be nothing, apparently. Instead, Lewis has been fighting to save the public toilets in his constituency of Great Yarmouth. On his parliamentary webpage, Lewis says: “Residents have been fuming at Labour’s plan to cut a vital frontline service. The threat of closure hangs over many public toilets in popular visitor areas. I am campaigning against this crazy plan – please show your support by signing the Save Our Loos petition.” That’s the housing market down the toilet, then.

Brotherly love

Mole is not one to spread gossip but he has a strong suspicion that Front Events director James Prosser and Foundation Home Loans business development director Paul Brett are, in fact, brothers – twins, even (see pictures below).


Mole was under the impression that twins typically share a certain amount of telepathy – but apparently not. Last week, Brett (left) sent Prosser a text to wish him luck on the morning of his latest event. This was a very nice gesture indeed – except the only mortgage event running that day was that of one of Prosser’s rivals.