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Thank your lucky stars for technology

Many people herald the internet as one of the most life-changing inventions of the past couple of decades and it has certainly made life that little bit easier for the majority.

p/>But did you know that the fundamental ideas behind the internet have been around for nearly 50 years? Online DIPs, AIPs and binding decisions may now be taken for granted but it all started in 1957 when the Soviet Union launched Sputnik 1, the first satellite, beating the United States into space.

The powers behind the American military at the time became alarmed as this meant that Russia could theoretically launch bombs into space, then drop them anywhere on earth.

The US retaliated with the creation of the Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency to jump start research in technology and find safeguards against a space-based missile attack.

Joseph Licklider was appointed to head the new Information Processing Techniques Office and it was he who envisaged the potential benefits of a countrywide communications network. So it was that in 1969 the first internet communication between the University of California in Los Angeles and the Stanford Research Institute took place.

Today, those who work in offices probably take the convenience of email for granted and don’t fully appreciate the usefulness of being able to browse the web for anything their heart desires.

But brokers are likely to be glad of the strides technology has taken in the past few years. Online sourcing systems allow intermediaries to have all the latest information regarding products and rates at their fingertips and save them from having to make endless telephone calls. Technology has made life easier for consumers and intermediaries and should be seen as a valuable asset and not a threat to business.

Intermediaries who operated in the market before the advent of online sourcing systems and applications will join with consumers in saying amen to that.


Good time for a festive mortgage sale

Imagine for a moment you are out shopping and are faced with two shops selling the same goods you want to buy. But one shop has its windows plastered with red and white ‘sale’ banners. You will be attracted to the sale shop as we all like a bargain.

Keeping the balance

Despite worries that consumers will use the internet to cut out brokers and go straight to high street lenders, the signs are that the balance between business channels will be maintained, says Barney McCarthy

No issue divides brokers more than the quality of leads

From Simon Baker But surely there has never been an issue that divides advisers more than this one. For every adviser complaining about quality, there are many more who are happy with both the quantity and the quality of their leads. Of course, those who are happy tend not to be so vocal about it […]

15 LAs and HAs share 1.6m letting fund

A consortia of 15 local authorities and housing associations have been given 1.6m funding to help set up sub-regional choice based lettings schemes as part of a Government drive to offer more choice and better services for home-seekers.The funding will ensure a further 59 councils adopt a choice based lettings approach, bringing the total to […]

What the huge rebound in sterling means for the UK's inflation outlook

The world’s strongest currency in November was not the US dollar, despite the greenback rallying 3.5% against the euro, 8.7% against the Japanese yen and over 8.6% versus the Mexican peso and the Turkish lira up to yesterday’s close. The strongest currency last month was sterling, which had strengthened 2.2% versus even the mighty US […]


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