Peter Parsons joins One Trust Mortgages

Peter Parsons, ex-managing director of Majestic, has joined Essex-based One Trust Mortgages as marketing manager.

Packager Majestic Mortgage Services ceased trading in January amid claims the company had run up more than 500,000 in debts.

But Parsons says: “I didn’t do anything wrong and any outstanding business is being wrapped up in the courts.”

Parsons started work at One Trust Mortgages three months ago and says the company plans to expand in the next few years. It may take the business-to-business route.

One Trust Mortgages specialises in remortgaging, Right to Buy, buy-to-let and secured loans. It says it helps those with bad credit, CCJs and arrears.

After finishing at Majestic, Parsons joined mortgage broker and packager Diamond Lifestyle where he worked for three months along with current managing director of One Trust Mortgages Ross Deacon.

Parson says: “When Ross asked me to join the new company it was too good an opportunity to turn down.”

Mortgage Strategy has been sent an anonymous letter signed by The Justice League of Mortgage Brokers. It says: “We have spent the past 12 months tracking him down, although you won’t find him listed anywhere. With good reason as well seeing he owned so much money to creditors, brokers and to two well known mortgage lenders.”

The letter says the league wants to make people aware Parsons is back in business.

However, Parson stresses he is merely an employee of One Trust and in no way are the two companies related.