MortgageStream reveals integration with Invu

MortgageStream and Invu have integrated its two systems.

This two-way integration means MortgageStream users can utilise Invu softwares features to store all documents in the easy to use format.

Mortgage advisors and packagers will greatly benefit from the ability to compliantly control documents, share information and securely archive compliance evidence.

Alison Jackson, director of Lindenhouse Software, says: “The MortgageStream software is winning many friends in the mortgage market as brokers realise choosing the right case management can make their businesses more effective, profitable and compliant.

“This integration means existing and new MortgageStream users can store and access documents in Invu while working through the reports and letters browser.

“All case numbers and references are maintained with all documents stored within Invu allowing the advanced searching abilities whilst maintaining a secure client file.”

Documents are scanned through a high-speed, low cost production scanner and can be linked directly to the MortgageStream case record.

Paul Holden, sales director at MortgageStream, says: “This integration brings immediate and wide-ranging benefits to all our users. The Invu system delivers practical benefits in terms of information sharing and retrieval and works to support a robust compliance process.

“The speed and effectiveness of the integration is testament to the flexibility and sophistication of both systems and were delighted to have worked with Lindenhouse Software on this project.”