L&E to provide title insurance to Blemain Group

London & European has been appointed by Blemain Group to provide its new lenders all-inclusive title insurance offering to the Blemain Finance, Cheshire Mortgage and Lancashire Mortgage portfolios.

Tracey Bailey, group underwriting operations director at Blemain Group, says: “We have developed a reputation as an innovative and flexible lender and were continually looking at how we can enhance our products and services. L&Es all-inclusive title insurance policy for lenders does just that, adding a new level of security to protect our portfolio across the board thus enabling us to accelerate the post offer to completion time, which means customers and brokers will experience an improved service and greater certainty that the mortgage or loan application will proceed to completion.”

The policy promises to provide the certainty, assignability and clarity missing from competing offerings, as well as L&Es six month cure or pay guarantee.

Christian Bearman, business development director at L&E, says: “Our policy provides a guarantee rather than simply an indemnity, giving lenders access to an innovative application of title insurance. Blemain Group can now combine the upstream benefits of speed and simplicity that title insurance has traditionally offered, with the downstream benefit of guaranteed security of its portfolios.”