I too had a bad experience when I bought GMF leads

From Andy Crawford

My experience with GMF was almost identical and I would urge anybody considering it as a lead source to steer clear.

I spoke to a nice lady who told me all about its brilliant conversion rate of 30% to 40% of leads. What she did not explain was that its idea of a conversion rate is actually leads to appointments, not leads to completions.

So out of 10 leads you might get to meet three or four potential clients. Fair enough, if they want to see me then there is a good chance of doing business but of course the reality is that when you phone to make an appointment these potential clients invariably tell you that they are not actually looking for a mortgage but just wanted some figures off the internet.

The other problem is that out of the 15 leads I purchased, 10 were first-time buyers with no deposits and earning about 15,000 a year, in an area where the average property price is 160,000 plus. You don’t need an A-level in maths to work out that’s not going to work. Oh, and one of the leads was a non-existent person. So, all in all, a waste of money.

I immediately cancelled my account and returned all leads to GMF for a refund. It denied receipt of the returned leads and demanded payment in full. And it also threatened a 200 charge for debt collection. I had a long conversation with the debt collecting company and, reading between the lines, got the impression that it was not particularly impressed with its client’s way of doing business.

To cut a long story short, I had neither the time nor the motivation to pursue the case through the courts so I paid up and chalked it up to experience.

Fortunately I have since found a superb company who set up all my appointments, replacing without question any that cancel or even just change their mind. It also has a proper conversion rate of 50%. This is obviously the recipe for mutual success.

I doubt GMF will be able to survive with its business model and I hope this letter helps others avoid wasting their time and money.